Welcome to Redeem Tech!

We are Redeem Tech, your digital partner based in Denmark. We possess the experience and expertise to help entrepreneurs reach their customers across the digital space. Our core objective is to help business owners establish their online presence without the overbearing challenges posed by technology. We believe in minimizing the effort from the client and maximizing the value of services delivered. Our team consists of highly qualified and experienced professionals, who are always ready to support your business growth.

Vision Our vision is to create a software development company with the greatest possible flexibility and freedom for our clients and employees. Mission Our mission is to provide the most affordable but best quality service in order to create the most success and happiness for our customers ultimately increasing their efficiency and profitability. Goal Our goal is to become the best software development company to work for by allowing and supporting our employees to optimize their potential because of the values of the company.

Our values serve as a compass for our actions and describe how we behave. The company values are as follows:

Improve people’s lives and improve the lives of everyone, not just the lives of some: This is the core value of Redeem Tech. We are providing services and products we are proud of, with personalization to fit our clients’ every need.

Be the best workplace: We don’t solely care about the results of our employees but also that they are having the best well-being possible. We are striving towards to by the following values:

Work is work: We do not expect for our employees to engage with the company beyond their responsibilities. Company activities and engagement with social media is done out of free will. We will only measure our employees on their results. Moreover, we share how performance is measured.No work schedule only deadlines

Optional independence: As long as our employees are ethical, the company processes and guidelines are only there to guide our employees. Overall, we give our employees the option to work entirely independent if they would like and are capable of doing so.

Freedom of speech: Any employee is free to voice their views on any subject or anyone without fear of retaliation or punishment by HR. Open door policy.

Equality: We do not differentiate between any personality traits such as experience, gender, ethnicity, religion, disabilities, age, etc.

Transparency: Publically, we make use of as little jargon as possible, write accurate job ads, and overall provide transparency with company thought processes behind everything as long as it does not give our competitors too big of an advantage.

15 Years of Experience in Development and Support

Extensive Expertise with Technologies

Highly skilled team of developers and marketing professionals

Want to know more about what working at Redeem Tech is like?

We care greatly about being the best workplace amongst software development companies. The company values, in relation to the extreme flexibility and freedom, results in happy employees and ultimately a better return on investment in relation to other software development companies.