How we execute our projects?


Preparing technical specifications and answering all questions


Preparing the timeframe with milestones


Preparing the timeframe with milestones

Objectives And

Outlining general idea and goals

Scope & Budget

Preparing the qoute and discussing details to fit your budget


Development Executing the development of the solution

Post Deployment

Proper guides and workshops for your business to start up without disruptions.


Your company’s website is usually the first customer touch point. With our help we can help you re-design and optimize your website for the benefit of your customers, or create a brand new website.

New website Development Website Re-Building Maintenance Service & Support

Technical Support

Do you face technical issues often? We are ready to solve the challenges and provide your business with smooth solutions, while you rest easy.

Digital Challenges Digital Prototype Technical Consultancy & System Architecture


Wait no more! Change your digital ecosystem with a brand new API. Redeem Tech helps you develop, integrate and manage your new system without disruptions.

API Development API Integrations API Managment


Todays digital transformations require constant development of new softwares. Here at Redeem Tech we are always ready to help you create own software to help escalate your business processes.

Custom Software Self-service Software


There are hundreds of content management systems out there and it is difficult to choose the right one. We are here to help you make the right choice among the most popular platforms on the market.

Content Managment System


In case your business doesn’t have their own application just yet, it is time to get one now! For many B2C or B2B product or service providers having a mobile application helps to create value and speed.

Custom Web Applicaiton Development Mobile Applications


Our experts will choose and develop your e-commerce website and strategy based on your needs. You can count on our experience to create both simple and complex e-commerce processes.

Custom E-Commerce